PR Basics


A Look at Public Relations


The purpose of public relations is to introduce yourself, your services, and your successes to the larger community in a way that informs them and invites their support and participation. Through public relations you show others how your event, product, expertise, and/or experience addresses their needs.  

The most economical and credible public relations strategy is news visibility (traditional and online). Exposure that allows you to tell your story is what most influences those you want to reach. Securing this coverage is based upon:

1. Accurately identifying the newsworthy quality of your event, services, or group and how relevant is it to the community you serve.
2. Being consistent and timely in your delivery of media materials, including press releases and Public Service Announcements (PSA’s), making sure to provide them in the format preferred by each particular media outlet (e.g. 26 character spaces per line).
3. Developing and maintaining a professional working relationship with the media that enables them to recognize you as a trusted source of information.

If you are unfamiliar with how to determine your news and how to develop and maintain media relationships then your best bet is to hire a public relations specialist. She/he will have already established media contacts and will know how to professionally and creatively deliver your news.  A good public relations consultant can design a solid and sustainable public relations campaign to deliver your message to the people it impacts most today and tomorrow.

It also helps to understand specific public relations terms. To assist with that we have created a PR Glossary.